Welcome to the Giannini Community!


Why a Community?

Giannini has always created and researched products for the home, for the table, the kitchen, decorative home furnishing, combining style and different shapes with just one single goal: make your daily lifestyle more practical, fun and elegant. By creating products for everyone, by investing seriously in new products as for design and use, Giannini thinks of you, the values you adhere to, the products that represent emotion, joy, beauty and functionality. Contacting Giannini through this community gives you the opportunity to be informed on previews of all our new products and forthcoming events linked to the brands Giannini and Giannini Extra.

Giannini Showcase: here you can find the latest news on all our products.

Quality chef-proof:  thanks to their quality and design Giannini products have been chosen for the set of many popular TV series and several movies as well.

Demonstrations: Giannini tests the products in cooperation with a team of professional chefs in order to be sure of the quality performances. 

Promotional offers: throughout the year Giannini realize special promotions, real bargains that cannot be missed.

Events: you can see a calendar of the forthcoming shows and of the events organised by Giannini.

Designers: you can get to know better the designers who work with Giannini.


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Through the community Giannini is expecting your comments, feedback on the products, criticism (constructive if possible!) in order to expand and improve our customer service.

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