Anna Lombardi

ANNA LOMBARDI specialised in Design Direction at the Domus Academy of Milan and in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London, followed by a period of collaboration with Studio Alchimia (1980-1983) and with L’IDZ International Design Zentrum Berlin (1983-1986).

After living abroad for a long time (USA, Switzerland, Great Britain) where she worked both professionally and didactically, she has been living in Udine since 1998.

She was involved in many cultural projects her numerous projects as:

  • Lecturer at the Kent Institute of Art and Design
  • Lecturer at the University of Udine
  • Consultant in many communication projects with Fantoni and Moroso
  • Creator and organiser of various design exhibitions
  • Occasional writer for the Magazines Interni and Ottagono

As a designer she has founded SAD(Art and Design Association 1983-1988) which represented one of the first experiences of independent self-production in Italy.

Alessi and Giannini have manufactured products designed by her. Other items have been designed strictly for Exhibitions and Competition.

The objects